Capsule printing machine was successfully shipped to Germany by air. F* GMBH is a large contract manufacturer in Pharmaceutical Industry. Our first cooperation with F* GMBH was in the year 2010, a complete production line of softgel encapsulation machine. As a contract manufacturer, F* GMBH has extremely high requirements to the reliability and high performance,
Softgel encapsulation machine was succssfully shipped to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Brazil is one of the main manufacturing area for softgel. After comparing with some of our competitors, our customer selected us as supplier for their softgel encapsulation machine project. It’s our third softgel production line to Brazil which includes softgel encapsulation machine, tumble dryers, gelatin

Successful cooperation with Rousselot

Thursday, 11 August 2011 by
Film coating machine was successfully shipped to Rousselot. Rousselot is the global leader in collagen-based solutions* for the food, health & nutrition, (bio)medical, and pharmaceutical sectors. It has dozens of manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia, North and South America. Our film coating machine achieved their high standard specification and passed FAT. Now the film coating
Our softgel encapsulation machine with accessory equipments are in warehouse. Within a couple of days, the whole production line will be shipped to LA, USA. Complete production line includes one set of softgel encapsulation machine (or named softgel making machine), three groups of tumble dryers (2-section each), one set of gelatin melting tank, one set


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